A beautiful day for Louisa and Justin’s wedding and Crazy Bear wedding photography. This superb, alternative wedding venue has so many options for a photographer to create a storybook of fun and dynamic images. Luckily I was aided by the very talented videographer Jade Gooch from Hushabye films. We have worked together quite a few times this year and seem to complement each other quite well.

The bridal party were situated in the Log Cabin as I began the day and what a lot of activity! Plenty of bridesmaids, children plus the hair and make up girls busy at work. I managed to squeeze in for some fly on the wall images. The ceremony room was set and bathed in beautiful light and I caught Justin racing to get dressed in time. As the guests began to arrive, all the girls were finally ready and we managed to take a few shots as Louisa stepped into a stunning bridal creation.

With the Oak room packed a slightly nervous groom met louisa and the bridal party as they made a beautiful entrance. A lovely ceremony ensued with plenty of laughter and the odd tear too. The newlyweds exited serenaded by the magical music of flamenco guitar. With the sun shining the music continued as the drinks reception began in earnest. So many candid moments of the guests and I managed to take the bride and groom off for some private shots with the double decker bus.

We regrouped for the wedding breakfast and the party continued. The Moroccan Lounge is exquisite and a magical setting. This allowed for such natural photography as the dynamics of the day changed and I was able to capture those moments especially the children. For the speeches most guests were oblivious to me as I documented reactions to the intimate spoken word. The laughter and tears were so evident.

As darkness descended we went back outside for some immense fireworks that thrilled the gathered crowd. Finally the cake was cut and onto the dancefloor for the all important first dance. Fabulous day with Louisa and Justin and Crazy Bear wedding photography.