An elegant and majestic wedding day with Vicky and Nick sharing all that seasonal warmth and love. Luckily the majority of the day was dry and bright so everyone in great spirits at the family home. Wonderful light allowing for candid images. The church is just around the corner and was already busy and energetic; just enough time to capture the chaps in action. A flurry of activity as the bridemaids arrived prior to a beaming bride in an amazing vintage 1920’s Vauxhall. The ceremony a joy to capture from the back of the church. Pure classic photography using all the natural light that god could provide. A massive cheer erupted as the elated newlyweds made their way back down the path to the car and off to the marquee for drinks.
The party started early as the resonance of voices rose and soon we were sat for the wedding breakfast. It’s such a great part of the day for laughter and candid, event style image capture. This continued throughout some fun and emotional speeches when everyone is as one sharing this unique experience. All set for dancing to begin and capturing Vicky and Nick in their element. Then the dancefloor flooded and I crept off into the nights.

Vicky & Nick-1 Vicky & Nick-2 Vicky & Nick-3 Vicky & Nick-4 Vicky & Nick-5 Vicky & Nick-6 Vicky & Nick-7 Vicky & Nick-8 Vicky & Nick-9 Vicky & Nick-10 Vicky & Nick-11 Vicky & Nick-12 Vicky & Nick-13 Vicky & Nick-14 Vicky & Nick-15 Vicky & Nick-16 Vicky & Nick-17 Vicky & Nick-18 Vicky & Nick-19 Vicky & Nick-20 Vicky & Nick-21 Vicky & Nick-22 Vicky & Nick-23 Vicky & Nick-24 Vicky & Nick-25 Vicky & Nick-26 Vicky & Nick-27 Vicky & Nick-28 Vicky & Nick-29 Vicky & Nick-30 Vicky & Nick-31 Vicky & Nick-32 Vicky & Nick-33 Vicky & Nick-34 Vicky & Nick-35 Vicky & Nick-36 Vicky & Nick-37 Vicky & Nick-38 Vicky & Nick-39 Vicky & Nick-40 Vicky & Nick-41 Vicky & Nick-42 Vicky & Nick-43 Vicky & Nick-44 Vicky & Nick-45 Vicky & Nick-46 Vicky & Nick-47 Vicky & Nick-48 Vicky & Nick-49 Vicky & Nick-50 Vicky & Nick-51 Vicky & Nick-52 Vicky & Nick-53 Vicky & Nick-54 Vicky & Nick-55 Vicky & Nick-56 Vicky & Nick-57 Vicky & Nick-58 Vicky & Nick-59 Vicky & Nick-60 Vicky & Nick-61 Vicky & Nick-62