It truly felt as if the gods were shining on us for Sian’s big day. I could hardly believe a summer’s day in early October as I made my way to one of my favourite venues. Lains Barn is a brilliant location for wedding photography at any time of year and as a preferred supplier I have seen plenty here. It’s informal setting works extremely well and this only enhanced Sian and Nick’s wedding.  A nervous bride arrived but within moments the ceremony became light hearted and quite magical. The newlyweds exited and immediately escaped for some private moments and I could really feel the magnetic quality between them and just let the camera do the work.
As for the remainder of the day such a joy to cover this relaxed and fun event aided by the extraordinary light and a world of smiles. Plus of course some beautiful children! The speeches were buoyant and warm and all the generations enjoyed them. Finally the dance and some wonderful singing from Nicks very talented sister.. Quite a day.

Sian-1 Sian-2 Sian-3 Sian-4 Sian-5 Sian-6 Sian-7 Sian-8 Sian-9 Sian-10 Sian-11 Sian-12 Sian-13 Sian-14 Sian-15 Sian-16 Sian-17 Sian-18 Sian-19 Sian-20 Sian-21 Sian-22 Sian-23 Sian-24 Sian-25 Sian-26 Sian-27 Sian-28 Sian-29 Sian-30 Sian-31 Sian-32 Sian-33 Sian-34 Sian-35 Sian-36 Sian-37 Sian-38 Sian-39 Sian-40 Sian-41 Sian-42 Sian-43 Sian-44 Sian-45 Sian-46 Sian-47 Sian-48 Sian-49 Sian-50 Sian-51 Sian-52 Sian-53 Sian-54 Sian-55 Sian-56 Sian-57 Sian-58 Sian-59 Sian-60 Sian-61