Such a gorgeous day for a wedding in one of the finest settings I frequent. This proved to be a most colourful wedding for Sam and Peter at Notley Abbey with just a touch of Caribbean flair. I found Peter in the cottages looking immaculate and ready to go. Sam was in the Abbot Suite going through the preparation and quite calm but by the time I came back after seeing the guests the nervous tension flew in the air. With a few calming words we made our way downstairs and a most elegant entrance into the ceremony. It’s such a joy to photograph in this room with incredible light and the registrars I know so well.
The newlyweds exited to a steel band and sunshine more akin to late summer. We spent the whole reception outdoors and even managed a few private shots on the stunning long drive. Onto the wedding breakfast and a full room with plenty of atmosphere and candid moments. The bets were placed for speeches and away we went. These were fun and tearful , exactly what is ideal to capture. Once the cake was cut I slipped away with the glow of Notley Abbey behind me.

Sam’s Thoughts
Wow!  They look fabulous! Some absolutely fantastic shots, can’t wait to see the full set. Thank you so much for all your help and support on the day, you were just amazing.  You helped us so much with calming nerves and corralling people – we are really grateful. “

Sam & Peter-1 Sam & Peter-2 Sam & Peter-3 Sam & Peter-4 Sam & Peter-5 Sam & Peter-6 Sam & Peter-7 Sam & Peter-8 Sam & Peter-9 Sam & Peter-10 Sam & Peter-11 Sam & Peter-12 Sam & Peter-13 Sam & Peter-14 Sam & Peter-15 Sam & Peter-16 Sam & Peter-17 Sam & Peter-18 Sam & Peter-19 Sam & Peter-20 Sam & Peter-21 Sam & Peter-22 Sam & Peter-23 Sam & Peter-24 Sam & Peter-25 Sam & Peter-26 Sam & Peter-27 Sam & Peter-28 Sam & Peter-29 Sam & Peter-30 Sam & Peter-31 Sam & Peter-32 Sam & Peter-33 Sam & Peter-34 Sam & Peter-35 Sam & Peter-36 Sam & Peter-37 Sam & Peter-38 Sam & Peter-39 Sam & Peter-40 Sam & Peter-41 Sam & Peter-42 Sam & Peter-43 Sam & Peter-44 Sam & Peter-45 Sam & Peter-46 Sam & Peter-47 Sam & Peter-48 Sam & Peter-49 Sam & Peter-50 Sam & Peter-51 Sam & Peter-52 Sam & Peter-53 Sam & Peter-54 Sam & Peter-55 Sam & Peter-56 Sam & Peter-57 Sam & Peter-58 Sam & Peter-59 Sam & Peter-60 Sam & Peter-61 Sam & Peter-62 Sam & Peter-63 Sam & Peter-64 Sam & Peter-65 Sam & Peter-66 Sam & Peter-67 Sam & Peter-68 Sam & Peter-69