Retrospective # 15 – Confetti in the rain..

As the heavens opened on Sarah’s big day we did the confetti shot in a doorway but this captivated me just afterwards. 35mm prime lens at f1.4 to capture the effect.



Retrospective # 16 – In the golf buggy!

A chance for the newlyweds to escape for some private moments. I was in the hot seat and always try and capture a natural moment like this especially as it was the first time Katherine and Lewis had been on their own. Love the connection and wonderment with the rings plus the venue in the background. Shot on my trusty 24 – 70mm zoom.



Retrospective # 17 – Magical connection.

Just love this moment in time caught on the 85mm lens – It’s exactly why i bought it for.



Retrospective # 18 – Smoke filled room.

I covered the 2013 Porsche National Network Awards recently and this was taken during the band rehearsal.
Something captivating about the way the smoking is moving and how the light catches it combined with the look on the guitarist’s face.



Retrospective # 19 – Elation

The look on their faces just says it all..Finally the day arrived and you can just feel the relief. Caught on my 85mm lenses @ f2.0 to also capture the vicar’s smile.



Retrospective # 20 – Wedding Games

This little chap looks like he is playing the biggest game of Jenga ever..
I just shot from the ground up on a very wide angle lens to create the illusion and impact – always looking for an alternative image !



Retrospective # 21 – Big Sue

Lourdes and Alan making their getaway from the wedding at Danesfield House in Tom’s retro mercedes convertible.
I used the 15mm fisheye to accentuate the effect!



Retrospective # 22 –Yellow Magic

I saw this field just after visiting the “Downton Abbey” Church where Miranda is to marry this summer. The opportunity was too good to miss and Miranda and Stu happily jumped in! With dark clouds above and behind the field was bursting with colour. Using a wide angle lens and shooting from a low angle made this the best one I took.



Retrospective # 23 – Lucky Moment

Becky looking every inch the part on her special day at Heythrop Park. So glad we got this as the weather cleared, an hour before it had been pouring with rain!! As Becky leant against the pillar I decided on using the fish eye lens. An azure sky, fluffy clouds and red carpet really jump out aided by the enormity of a classic building.



Retrospective # 24 – Freezing outside.

So pleased to say Kate’s wedding has been entered for ” Wedding Of The Year” in Your Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wedding Magazine



Retrospective # 25 – Dance, Dance, Dance!

So pleased to say Rosie’s brilliant day at the Olde Bell Hurley has been entered for ” Wedding Of The Year” in Your Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wedding Magazine.