Superb wedding with Rebecca and Richard even though the weather wasn’t the best but if you have to be somewhere with dark clouds then Cain Manor is a stunning choice. As I drove to Hampshire you really are in the middle of nowhere and suddenly a beautiful manor house with a view as far as the eye could see. A relaxed bridal preparation followed by a laid back meet in the pub for quite a few of the wedding party. Luckily it stayed dry for a beautiful ceremony and hearty congratulations, confetti and a few family shots.
The rain descended as we reached the venue but it’s so inviting nobody seemed to care. With a break in the clouds it was all outside and a few private shots in the grounds. The party was in full swing and such great fun to be part of capturing candid shots during the wedding breakfast and speeches. Some alternative shots were essential and fitted the mood perfectly before the newlyweds hit the floor. 

Rebecca & Richard-1 Rebecca & Richard-2 Rebecca & Richard-3 Rebecca & Richard-4 Rebecca & Richard-5 Rebecca & Richard-6 Rebecca & Richard-7 Rebecca & Richard-8 Rebecca & Richard-9 Rebecca & Richard-10 Rebecca & Richard-11 Rebecca & Richard-12 Rebecca & Richard-13 Rebecca & Richard-14 Rebecca & Richard-15 Rebecca & Richard-16 Rebecca & Richard-17 Rebecca & Richard-18 Rebecca & Richard-19 Rebecca & Richard-20 Rebecca & Richard-21 Rebecca & Richard-22 Rebecca & Richard-23 Rebecca & Richard-24 Rebecca & Richard-25 Rebecca & Richard-26 Rebecca & Richard-27 Rebecca & Richard-28 Rebecca & Richard-29 Rebecca & Richard-30 Rebecca & Richard-31 Rebecca & Richard-32 Rebecca & Richard-33 Rebecca & Richard-34 Rebecca & Richard-35 Rebecca & Richard-36 Rebecca & Richard-37 Rebecca & Richard-38 Rebecca & Richard-39 Rebecca & Richard-40 Rebecca & Richard-41 Rebecca & Richard-42 Rebecca & Richard-43 Rebecca & Richard-44 Rebecca & Richard-45 Rebecca & Richard-46 Rebecca & Richard-47 Rebecca & Richard-48 Rebecca & Richard-49 Rebecca & Richard-50 Rebecca & Richard-51 Rebecca & Richard-52 Rebecca & Richard-53 Rebecca & Richard-54 Rebecca & Richard-55 Rebecca & Richard-56 Rebecca & Richard-57 Rebecca & Richard-58 Rebecca & Richard-59 Rebecca & Richard-60 Rebecca & Richard-61 Rebecca & Richard-62 Rebecca & Richard-63 Rebecca & Richard-64 Rebecca & Richard-65 Rebecca & Richard-66 Rebecca & Richard-67 Rebecca & Richard-68 Rebecca & Richard-69 Rebecca & Richard-70