A wonderful day with Rachel and Chris by the Thames. With a stunning blue sky I arrived at the tranquil setting of the London Rowing Club in Putney. I was completely amazed by the ceremony room with two rowing boats hanging from the ceiling and incredible light streaming in. This really gave the occasion a magical feel especially when the beaming bride walked it as there was a sharp intake of breath.

The newly weds exited and were soon surrounded my all their loved ones. We briefly went outside for a few family shots dodging the multitude of runners ! So many funny and candid moments at this laid back and informal day it was a joy to cover. Great speeches including Rachel’s and then a few private moments with the swans and ducks. The party was ready to explode and after the first dance it all began…

Rachel’s Thoughts
“Thank you Nigel the photos are brilliant and perfectly capture the day, I can’t wait to see the entire set”

Rachel & Chris-1 Rachel & Chris-2 Rachel & Chris-3 Rachel & Chris-4 Rachel & Chris-5 Rachel & Chris-6 Rachel & Chris-7 Rachel & Chris-8 Rachel & Chris-9 Rachel & Chris-10 Rachel & Chris-11 Rachel & Chris-12 Rachel & Chris-13 Rachel & Chris-14 Rachel & Chris-15 Rachel & Chris-16 Rachel & Chris-17 Rachel & Chris-18 Rachel & Chris-19 Rachel & Chris-20 Rachel & Chris-21 Rachel & Chris-22 Rachel & Chris-23 Rachel & Chris-24 Rachel & Chris-25 Rachel & Chris-26 Rachel & Chris-27 Rachel & Chris-28 Rachel & Chris-29 Rachel & Chris-30 Rachel & Chris-31 Rachel & Chris-32 Rachel & Chris-33 Rachel & Chris-34 Rachel & Chris-35 Rachel & Chris-36 Rachel & Chris-37 Rachel & Chris-38 Rachel & Chris-39 Rachel & Chris-40 Rachel & Chris-41 Rachel & Chris-42 Rachel & Chris-43 Rachel & Chris-44 Rachel & Chris-45 Rachel & Chris-46 Rachel & Chris-47 Rachel & Chris-48 Rachel & Chris-49 Rachel & Chris-50 Rachel & Chris-51 Rachel & Chris-52 Rachel & Chris-53 Rachel & Chris-54 Rachel & Chris-55 Rachel & Chris-56 Rachel & Chris-57 Rachel & Chris-58 Rachel & Chris-59