Quite a special day for a Pendley Manor wedding. It’s rare that I attend a friend’s wedding and get to photograph it too. The sentiment cannot be understated more as I have known Bob and Sal, father and mother of the bride for over 30 years so this would be a grand undertaking.

The gods were shining on us with perfect weather as I arrived at the imposing Pendley Manor. Two rooms full of energetic bridesmaids and of course the beautiful bride. My dear friend Suzanna from City Girl had been creating masterpieces with hair and make up all morning and she worked here heart out so everyone looked amazing. It’s so good to see a master at work and her transformation of Jemma was truly stunning to witness.

With many friends attending this special Pendley Manor wedding I bumped into many in the corridor as I skipped between the two rooms of girls. Such a great atmosphere at this time. With the clock ticking the bridesmaids began to get themselved changed and helped Jemma into her dress and what an immaculate creation. Jemma’s fitness regime had worked to perfection to show off this fantastic dress with here amazing body shape. All was set for Bob to enter and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room..

A quick exit followed and we were ready for the ceremony. Quite something to walk in and see everyone including friends from up north and as far afield as Ibiza. All being serenaded by sweet soul music. The time had come and first in was the very loveable flower girl, Baye Willow and the bridesmaids. Father and daughter came in last and I probably caught one of the best images of the day – Matt turns to see his bride and smiles directly as bob and vice versa.. Just perfect.

Such a beautiful ceremony with great light allowed for expansive photography. We exited and covered the newlyweds in confetti before some fun family shots plus candid moments. With a large wedding party the wedding breakfast was always going to be fun and boisterous in equal measure. I mingled and capture everyone in full flow. The speeches were immense and added such warmth to this special day. With the sun still high in the sky I grabbed the bride and groom and headed for some escapism to create a few relaxed, intimate moments. Luckily we found a field and I just let them bask in the glory of the day and the glow of love for each other.

As even more friends arrived the atmosphere just got better as we got ready for the party. Cake cutting was next and these lovely cakes came from Jemma’s own company Cake Jam. Onto the first dance and so great to see this young couple grooving together. Then came a massive surprise. Baye Willow is an exceptional dancer and performer and she showed off a perfect routine, so extraordinary that dazzled the audience.

A party of massive proportions began including five DJ’s playing incredible soul and dance music. I put the camera away and joined the party until the early hours.

What a joyous day for a Pendley Manor wedding