With a brilliant blue sky and warm weather I made the short journey to Taplow House Hotel to meet Natasha. The bride to be looked stunning and ready to get the day started so we made the short journey to St Nicholas Church. It’s a beauty and one that I have covered numerous times and benefits from a fantastic vicar! Most of the guests were sheltering in the cool including a relaxed groom. Natasha duly arrived in am immaculate Morris Minor convertible and seem completely unaware of the rising temperature. Along with her proud father a grand entrance was made and the ceremony began. It’s rare to have this much movement granted for a photographer so I made the most of the opportunity.

The newly weds exited for congratulations before seeding off to the venue for drinks, afternoon tea and a few games! Taplow House worked perfectly with sumptuous grounds and also the amazing wedding breakfast room. It’s a venue I have worked at many times and so ideal for candid photography with enormous window and high ceilings. The party had truly begun and after superb cuisine the speeches. Fun, loving, heartfelt and at points hilarious. So wonderful to escape outdoors for an ice cream as a van appeared to surprise the guests. Enough time to grab Mr. & Mrs. and capture a few intimate moments – the escapism always works. Finally cake and dance to round it all off..

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