Saturday was a brilliant day as the sun came out and added such a dimension to Natalie and Rob’s day. I arrived early to find St Teresa’s empty but luckily Rob and the boys soon arrived. Lots of activity and smiles always makes for great documentary photography. Luckily Natalie arrived a little late with some nervous trepidation but this evaporated as soon as she made a magnificent entrance into the light filled ceremony. It’s a wonderful church with a very understanding priest so allowing for expansive images of this superb occasion. The newlyweds exited to hearty congratulations and then light refreshments next door.

I quickly sped off to Hedsor House looking stunning in the winter sunshine. The venue is a firm favourite as I come here often and always love the magnitude of opportunities it offers for image capture. The bridal party arrived followed by the guests and the party began in earnest. Lovely candid shots, family shots and private moments of the couple. All held together with the backdrop of sunshine and laughter. As always sumptuous cuisine and then the speeches. Special mention to the best man for one of the funniest I have heard – hilarious. With a quick sidestep for cake cutting the time had come for dancing the night away before I crept away.

Natalie & Rob-2

Natalie & Rob-1Natalie & Rob-3

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