What a splendid day in London Town for Nabiela and Liam’s special occasion. This was a complete experience in every sense as the “family” were there for this Irish wedding. I have met many of them before at Carol’s wedding last year and they are wonderful – they made me smile and laugh all day! Flaming June sent the temperature rising as I arrived for the bridal preparation. Nabiela looked simply stunning and a smile to light up the planet. I found Liam in his local watering hole with quite a few of the family ; great moments with banter and laughter. At the church it was a mass of bodies greeting each other. Just in time everyone was seated for a wonderful entrance by the bridal party bathed in backlight. With a helpful priest and a stunning template I captured this magical ceremony. At times the children nearly stole the show!
Confetti and congratulations were in abundance and we made our way to the Corib Rest for the reception. There was never a dull moment and I certainly knew the party had begun so allowing for lovely candid moments. The speeches had great warmth and hilarity in equal measure prior to the dancing in abundance.

Nabiela’s Thoughts
“Thank you so much, they are wonderful”

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