A truly exceptional day with Miranda and Stu with all the twists and turns of a magical wedding including the weather. All looked fine as I made my way to the beautiful village of Clanfield in Oxfordshire for the bridal preparations. Benefitting from perfect lighting this was a photographer’s dream to capture the laid back atmosphere. Quickly onto the Plough Hotel to meet Stu and then a dash for the church. With a change in the weather imminent this would add to the drama of the day with rain droplets and swirling wind. St Mary’s church in Bampton is simply stunning and featured in the ITV series “Downton Abbey” so an incredible template to work with.

Miranda arrived in regal splendor and when the church doors opened luckily I was located at the front of the pews. I had to catch my breath due to the perfect opportunity for the long walk. Suffice to say a really splendid ceremony allowing the newlyweds to exit to confetti and congratulations. We even managed the family shots prior to the downpour.

Once at the marquee the party began in earnest due to a vibrant atmosphere and a great duo of a band. The great part for me no one cared about the weather as they were having the best time with loved ones, fabulous cuisine and a glass or two. Beautiful speeches followed and then onto the nightlife with a packed dance floor and a hilarious photo booth. Brilliant day.

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