A beautiful upbeat and fun filled day for Mirae’s wedding. From the first second to the last a wonderful atmosphere and the weather was fine too. A quick stop to see Mirae with her parents then off to the church, a hive of activity on arrival. St Teresa’s is a new one for me but a fantastic template for a wedding. Mirae swept in and fortunately my position allowed to capture a dramatic entrance and the fabulous spectacle to followed aided by an understanding priest. This allowed for movement to truly document this special time. Outside for confetti then off to the venue for the celebrations.
Harleyford Golf Club is a super reception venue for a wedding; so relaxed and light. With so many family and younger children the tone was set. Apart from a few family shots it was candid photography all the way. By the time the speeches began it was easy to move fluidly and record the laughter. With a ceilidh ready the dancing soon followed.

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