A fun filled and emotional day at one of my favourite venues, The Olde Bell. As dark clouds gathered overhead you could feel the nerves prior to the ceremony. Ross made his way for a swift pint and I caught up with Helen. She looked stunning if a little tearful with the bridesmaids. Downstairs the ceremony room was ready and the long walk began before a gracious entrance to wow the guests. An intimate setting allowed for a beautiful ceremony before heading next doors for drinks to be serenaded by the Dapper Dudes. Relaxed and care free this was a joy to capture and with a break in the weather the newlyweds headed outdoors for some private shots. The tempo of the day remained high during the wedding breakfast and became quite lively for the speeches. Just enough time for a cake cutting and the dancing and music.

Helen’s Thoughts
“Just wanted to say thank you! I can’t tell you how pleased we were to have you at our day, nothing phased you, you were brilliant,calm and professional. So many of our guests commented on how great you were. The pictures we’ve seen so far  are fabulous, made us both smile and were so excited to see the rest!”

Helen & Ross-3

Helen & Ross-4 Helen & Ross-5 Helen & Ross-6 Helen & Ross-7 Helen & Ross-8Helen & Ross-9 Helen & Ross-10 Helen & Ross-11 Helen & Ross-12 Helen & Ross-13 Helen & Ross-14 Helen & Ross-15 Helen & Ross-16 Helen & Ross-17 Helen & Ross-18 Helen & Ross-19 Helen & Ross-20 Helen & Ross-21

Helen & Ross-22 Helen & Ross-23 Helen & Ross-24 Helen & Ross-25 Helen & Ross-26 Helen & Ross-27 Helen & Ross-28 Helen & Ross-29 Helen & Ross-30 Helen & Ross-31 Helen & Ross-32 Helen & Ross-33 Helen & Ross-34 Helen & Ross-35 Helen & Ross-36 Helen & Ross-37 Helen & Ross-38 Helen & Ross-39 Helen & Ross-40

Helen & Ross-41 Helen & Ross-42 Helen & Ross-43 Helen & Ross-44 Helen & Ross-45 Helen & Ross-46 Helen & Ross-47 Helen & Ross-48 Helen & Ross-49 Helen & Ross-50 Helen & Ross-51 Helen & Ross-52 Helen & Ross-53 Helen & Ross-54 Helen & Ross-55 Helen & Ross-56 Helen & Ross-57 Helen & Ross-58 Helen & Ross-59 Helen & Ross-60 Helen & Ross-61 Helen & Ross-62 Helen & Ross-63 Helen & Ross-64