Quite a tale with two stunning venues, a church and a helicopter – quite an incredible day. An early start to meet the lovely Heidi and family at the most impressive Hartwell House. It’s fit for a king which is true because a former King of France was in exile here back in the day.  As Heidi was queen for the day her bridesmaids were busy getting the bridal preparation underway ! A mad dash to get to the church on time and what a grandiose one at that. All seemed calm and Joe was as cool as a cucumber and happily chatting to the guests. Finally Heidi made her arrival and an emotional entrance it was but soon it was all smiles and laughter for a beautiful ceremony. We exited to congratulations and confetti before the newlyweds headed off.
Unbeknown to Heidi Joe had arranged a surprise helicopter to whisk Mr. & Mrs. to Heythrop Park. We eagerly awaited the sound of rotor blades and suddenly they were flying low and landing at the front of the main house – what a sight! Heidi’s face was a picture in itself, perhaps a mixture of shock and elation. On with the reception and such a laidback and fun experience. The Bride and Groom were nearly the centre of attention but their beautiful daughter Ellie managed to upstage them constantly. Speeches followed that were heartfelt and at points quite outrageous; always a good sign for a photographer. Enough time to capture some private moments before cake cutting and the dancing to begin, leaving me with a big smile on my face.

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