A quintessentially English wedding was the order of the day for Fiona and Mark with a few surprises including the weather! Set around two beautiful villages near Henley in Oxfordshire the day began with sunshine and blue skies as I arrived at Cherry Tree Cottage for the bridal preparation. This was also the reception venue with stunning grounds, flowers and the marquee. All was peace and quiet until the flower girls and pageboy arrived but a joy to behold. I made a dash for the church and it was heaving as I arrived. Mark was holding up if looking a little nervous. Fiona arrived fashionably late looking stunning in a unique blush creation by Sassi Holford – quite an entrance. A lovely ceremony ensued with a light hearted vicar.

We exited to confetti and cheers then a big surprise for the flower girls and pageboy; a horse drawn carriage no less. They were so excited and luckily I captured the story of images. Onto the venue for the party to begin in earnest whilst the newlyweds escaped next door for some private moments. Within half an hour the heavens opened and we escaped indoors for the wedding breakfast and speeches. Plenty of laughter and the odd tear too. The day was on such a high that the dance floor was surrounded for the first dance and filled straight after. Quite an occasion indeed.

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