A scorching hot day was forecast as I made my way to meet Emma and Rory for their wedding at the stunning Stoke Place. I have covered many weddings here as it’s such a wonderful venue especially when its a rather large Irish wedding. Emma and the girls were relaxed and composed, such a pleasure to capture the preparations with perfect lighting. The ceremony room looked immaculate and soon began to fill with the many guests. Meanwhile back in the suite I could feel a sudden change in the atmosphere. This always occurs in the final moments; adding to the drama for image capture. A gracious entrance for the ceremony and what a lovely occasion with plenty of tears and laughter in equal measure.
The newlyweds exited and were engulfed by such warmth and love from everyone. As they descended the steps into the gardens a confetti shower overtook them! It was so hot we escaped to the shade for the family shots and private moments. The wedding breakfast was brilliant and boisterous with the many characters to capture and this added to the flavour of the speeches with some raucous banter especially for Rory. All that remained was a quick swirl on the dance floor for the first dance and then it was full ahead as the band accelerated into the night.

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