Such a beautiful day for Clare’s wedding and the ideal locations for a memorable one. Barton House is a stunning country house in deepest Oxfordshire and complete peace as I arrived. That’s until I entered and found the girls in high spirits for the bridal preparation. Beautiful light streaming through to capture the moments. Onto the equally impressive Lains Barn where the nerves were being calmed with a small glass or two. So it came for the ceremony and Clive took a deep breath whilst Clare took her time.
The bride to be arrived looking stunning ,all smiles and what a moment as Clare took the long walk. Such an immaculate room for this occasion allowing for expansive ceremony images. The newlyweds were soon smothered in confetti and congratulations on exit and the celebrations began in earnest.  Such a relaxed and informal afternoon in the grounds and throughout the wedding breakfast. The newly weds escaped for a few private moments before a spectacular first dance.

Clare’s Thoughts
The photos are amazing, just awesome. So excited to see the rest of them! Thank you so much again, Clive and I really appreciated how hard you worked and everyone has commented. They are recommending you lots too”

Clare & Clive-1 Clare & Clive-2 Clare & Clive-3 Clare & Clive-4 Clare & Clive-5 Clare & Clive-6 Clare & Clive-7 Clare & Clive-8 Clare & Clive-9 Clare & Clive-10 Clare & Clive-11 Clare & Clive-12 Clare & Clive-13 Clare & Clive-14 Clare & Clive-15 Clare & Clive-16 Clare & Clive-17 Clare & Clive-18 Clare & Clive-19 Clare & Clive-20 Clare & Clive-21 Clare & Clive-22 Clare & Clive-23 Clare & Clive-24 Clare & Clive-25 Clare & Clive-26 Clare & Clive-27 Clare & Clive-28 Clare & Clive-29 Clare & Clive-30 Clare & Clive-31 Clare & Clive-32 Clare & Clive-33 Clare & Clive-34 Clare & Clive-35 Clare & Clive-36 Clare & Clive-37 Clare & Clive-38 Clare & Clive-39 Clare & Clive-40 Clare & Clive-41 Clare & Clive-42 Clare & Clive-43 Clare & Clive-44 Clare & Clive-45 Clare & Clive-46 Clare & Clive-47 Clare & Clive-48 Clare & Clive-49 Clare & Clive-50 Clare & Clive-51 Clare & Clive-52 Clare & Clive-53 Clare & Clive-54 Clare & Clive-55 Clare & Clive-56 Clare & Clive-57 Clare & Clive-58 Clare & Clive-59 Clare & Clive-60 Clare & Clive-61 Clare & Clive-62 Clare & Clive-63 Clare & Clive-64 Clare & Clive-65 Clare & Clive-66 Clare & Clive-67