A brilliant day with Claire & Ryan that flowed effortlessly from start to finish on one of the hottest days of the year. The girls were in high spirits for the bridal preparation at the Olde Bell in Hurley. Such a great location with large suites and incredible light. By the time I caught up with Ryan and the guests the thermometer was touching 29 degrees so the coolness of St Peters Church was welcome. Its a lovely small church so perfect for this intimate wedding. The stunning bride arrived and made one of the quickest walks down the aisle I have witnessed – I guess you could say she was keen to marry! With the doors wide open an exceptional ceremony took place and the newlyweds exited to hearty congratulations.
Mr. and Mrs. stopped the traffic in its tracks on Marlow Bridge prior to making our way to the Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield for the reception. Its quite a unique venue with some alternative design features over a labyrinth of function rooms. The wedding breakfast was fun and boisterous and this only accelerated for the speeches. With such a warm evening the guests poured outside prior to the dancing and the party starting in earnest.

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