Such a beautiful day to enjoy and embrace the emotion. I arrived at Casey’s parents to be greeted by a crying bridesmaid but soon cheered her up by opening the champagne ! Casey was all set and ready to get started. A trip down memory lane for me heading to the church as it’s an area I grew up in. St Mary’s Church is quite something and was completely packed and ready for Casey who arrived on queue looking simply stunning. Really pleased with the ceremony images as it was captured mainly without flash to add atmosphere. The newlyweds exited to be covered in confetti and congratulations before heading off to the reception.
Notley Tythe Barn is a fantastic setting in stunning surroundings and luckily the weather held so we could capture everyone outside and some magical private shots – took a little while to squeeze Casey’s dress into my car ! As the storm clouds gathered the dining began and what a lovely, laid back and warm occasion with fun and laughter permeating the air. The speeches were superb and allowed for great image capture. Lastly the dance and a party ready to go.. 

Casey & Grant-1 Casey & Grant-2 Casey & Grant-3 Casey & Grant-4 Casey & Grant-5 Casey & Grant-6 Casey & Grant-7 Casey & Grant-8 Casey & Grant-9 Casey & Grant-10 Casey & Grant-11 Casey & Grant-12 Casey & Grant-13 Casey & Grant-14 Casey & Grant-15 Casey & Grant-16 Casey & Grant-17 Casey & Grant-18 Casey & Grant-19 Casey & Grant-20 Casey & Grant-21 Casey & Grant-22 Casey & Grant-23 Casey & Grant-24 Casey & Grant-25 Casey & Grant-26 Casey & Grant-27 Casey & Grant-28 Casey & Grant-29 Casey & Grant-30 Casey & Grant-31 Casey & Grant-32 Casey & Grant-33 Casey & Grant-34 Casey & Grant-35 Casey & Grant-36 Casey & Grant-37 Casey & Grant-38 Casey & Grant-39 Casey & Grant-40 Casey & Grant-41 Casey & Grant-42 Casey & Grant-43 Casey & Grant-44 Casey & Grant-45 Casey & Grant-46 Casey & Grant-47 Casey & Grant-48 Casey & Grant-49 Casey & Grant-50 Casey & Grant-51 Casey & Grant-52 Casey & Grant-53 Casey & Grant-54 Casey & Grant-55 Casey & Grant-56 Casey & Grant-57 Casey & Grant-58 Casey & Grant-59 Casey & Grant-60