A beautiful early Summer’s day as I sped to Oxfordshire for Becky’s special day. I had a feeling this was going to be a little different and as the day unfolded this proved to be just the case ! I love coming to Heythrop Park as it’s such a grand location proving an incredible template to create a storybook of images. Becky and the girls seemed so relaxed that I hardly felt any nerves as I captured the preparation shots. Luke and the Guys were slightly more edgy and the Wedgwood room filled. Becky was set and suddenly the tension was there as she descended the grand staircase and waited. Luke’s face was a picture as his bride entered and a beautiful ceremony followed, so full of love and laughter.
With elation the newlyweds exited for drinks and the heavens opened. Luckily we escaped outside for some group shots then ice cream ! Prior to the wedding breakfast it was time for speeches. I can safely say that some parts of the best man’s speech were the most outrageous I have witnessed but with an open minded audience these worked so well and it was hysterical! I decided to take Becky and the bridesmaids outside for some further images and with a deep blue sky this was a fitting way to finish the day prior to the cake cutting.

Becky & Luke-1 Becky & Luke-2 Becky & Luke-3 Becky & Luke-4 Becky & Luke-5 Becky & Luke-6 Becky & Luke-7 Becky & Luke-8 Becky & Luke-9 Becky & Luke-10 Becky & Luke-11 Becky & Luke-12 Becky & Luke-13 Becky & Luke-14 Becky & Luke-15 Becky & Luke-16 Becky & Luke-17 Becky & Luke-18 Becky & Luke-19 Becky & Luke-20 Becky & Luke-21 Becky & Luke-22 Becky & Luke-23 Becky & Luke-24 Becky & Luke-25 Becky & Luke-26 Becky & Luke-27 Becky & Luke-28 Becky & Luke-29 Becky & Luke-30 Becky & Luke-31 Becky & Luke-32 Becky & Luke-33 Becky & Luke-34 Becky & Luke-35 Becky & Luke-36 Becky & Luke-37 Becky & Luke-38 Becky & Luke-39 Becky & Luke-40 Becky & Luke-41 Becky & Luke-42 Becky & Luke-43 Becky & Luke-44 Becky & Luke-45 Becky & Luke-46 Becky & Luke-47 Becky & Luke-48 Becky & Luke-49 Becky & Luke-50 Becky & Luke-51 Becky & Luke-52 Becky & Luke-53 Becky & Luke-54 Becky & Luke-55 Becky & Luke-56