The question I am mosted asked as a wedding photographer would be “ You must be bored of shooting weddings !” My answer is no as they are all unique but by it’s conception Anastasia’s day encapsulated such a myriad of cultures, colours and images that it would have been impossible to not be completely inspired, plus the different methods of transport and three costume changes!!

With glorious July weather I arrived in Wargrave to find the whole household in full flow. Bride and bridesmaids perfectly the look, final touches to an enormous marquee underway.  Sageet look remarkably cool at the sun baked church , whilst the ushers and best men sheperded the guests. An excited Anastasia arrived in a classic Rolls and duly waited for the stragglers to make it in time before a beautiful Catholic ceremony.  The church benefits from almost complete glass at the entrance; a photographer’s dream for classic ceremony image capture.

We all exited and with hearty congratulations all round headed for the boatyard. The newlyweds were taking a leisurely cruise to the house with myself acting as paparazzi in another one. Such a lovely way to travel ! On arrival Mr. and Mrs. exited to a roar and a glass of bubbly. After a few family shots it was time for the Hindu Ceremony. I have covered quite a few Indian weddings but this was exceptional due to the incredible light and the humour injected into this special moment.

Another boating opportunity arose and my trusty skipper Marcus made sure we there there to capture every second! Back on terra firma it was time for the cuisine and what a treat with mouth watering Indian canapés, starters and a buffet. The whole atmosphere at this point was vibrant and joyful that I captured  so many candid shots. Bathed in late afternoon sun, the speeches began and these were loving, warm and hilarious. Just enough time for cake cutting, first dance and then a Ceilidh. What a complete day..


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